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News Codes

You must insert a code in the CODE field of the "List" content element before the news module will work. The code tells the news module what to do. You can insert multiple codes by separating them by a comma.
Here is an example:

Starting point: If you don't insert a page as starting point the current page is used. Notice that the recursive function do work with news and thus you can select news from multiple pages and subpages.
Current CODE = ""
LATEST List the latests non-archive news
AMENU Displays a menu of the archive divided into time periods.
LIST Displays all news by default or news from a given time interval defined with a URL parameter (eg. used by the ARCHIVE function)
SEARCH Displays a search box and result listing for searching the archive.
SINGLE Displays a single news item if tt_news is set as a GET var.
Special: You can specify any of these codes prepended with a slash and a number, which indicates which category to use. If no category is defined all categories are used by default. If you enter two slashes (parameter number 2) you specify whether the listing is from archive (1), non-archive (-1) or don't-care (0).
Example: 'LIST/2/-1' - displays all news not in archive from the category with id '2'.

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